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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney

On this week's podcast my guest is website entrepreneur, bestselling author and performance nutritionist, Daniel Davey. Daniel Davey is the senior performance nutritionist with Leinster Rugby and with the Dublin Senior Football team. The focus of our conversation is nutrition and education. Among the topics we discuss are the following:

  • What made him decide to study nutrition
  • Memories of preparing food and cooking at home from a young age
  • Studying home economics at school and agricultural science at college
  • Making the connection between nutrition and sport
  • Importance of a positive relationship with food
  • His message for students when he visits schools
  • Challenges in applying principles of healthy nutrition in our lives
  • How he sees his role in promoting nutrition as that of a coach
  • Why he does not prepare meal plans for the athletes he works with
  • Questions he is asked by students in schools
  • Attempts to use schools in the fight against childhood obesity
  • Why he prefers the healthy plates to that of the food pyramid
  • Taking responsibility for the food you eat
  • Why it’s good to raise your own awareness and curiosity about food
  • Making the classroom a safe space to talk about food
  • The power of questions when talking about nutrition
  • Work of a nutritionist is to facilitate and empower
  • Relationship between nutrition and physical exercise
  • How coaches of school sports teams can promote good nutrition with their members
  • Elite school sports performance and nutrition – place of supplements
  • Advice for parents around school lunches
  • Positive and negative impacts of teachers on him
  • His continuing professional development
  • How our nutrition practices have set us up to fail in school
  • What inspires him
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