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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.

On this week's episode I speak to Professor Yong Zhao from the School of Education at the University of Kansas. Among the topics we discuss on the episode are the following:

  • We currently have the opportunity to reimagine education without schools: Do we have to do these subjects? Do we have to teach this much?
  • A good time to teach global understanding, empathy and competency
  • Innovation in education
  • The importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset
  • The Digital Pencil
  • Alternative ways of organising the education of young people
  • Difficulty of finding like-minded people in a small school
  • Globalisation as the “death of physical distance”
  • Globalisation is localisation of global forces
  • Implications of globalisation for teachers
  • Why everyone should have a local identity and affirm the identities of others
  • Your uniqueness can only become valuable when it’s valuable to others
  • Why schools encourage people to be independent and selfish rather than interdependent
  • Schools as a place to bring about a better society
  • Students as job creators versus job hunters
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship in students
  • Unintended consequences of education policies
  • PISA test scores and the illusions of excellence, science, progress.
  • His experience of being educated in China
  • The impact of technology on education
  • To compete with a machine, a person must avoid becoming one!
  • Be unique and great in your own way; understand yourself, your talents and virtues.
  • "Creative" means identifying problems worth solving
  • Empty creativity versus good creativity – the need to have a domain to excel in
  • What schools should be for: a place to equalise community resources
  • David Berliner and Bruce J. Biddle The Manufactured Crisis.
  • David Berliner as a former guest on the podcast
  • Diane Ravitch’s blog: https://dianeravitch.net/
  • If we want a better life in the future, we need to help our children create a better life for us
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