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 Presented and produced by Seán Delaney

Theme tune by David Vesey

On this week's programme I bring you the second part of my interview with Professor Barbara Schneider from Michigan State University. Among the topics discussed this week are the following:

  • The need to review the Irish science curriculum in line with other countries
  • How can a curriculum value both knowing and doing, especially doing
  • Her upcoming book titled, Learning Science (2020)
  • The role of family and school in aligning one’s education with one’s career choice (“aligned ambitions”) and how this led to the “College Ambition Program.”
  • Enhancing one’s career prospects with a “dual degree”
  • Educational outcomes v occupational outcomes
  • Fluidity of careers and implications for developing curriculum materials
  • How media influence career choices
  • Career paths of females
  • A typical working day for her
  • What schools are for
  • Two books she regularly returns to are Foundations of Social Theory and Flow
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