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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney

Theme tune by David Vesey

On this week's programme I bring you more from my interview with Professor Gert Biesta, who is Professor of Public Education at Maynooth University. What comes through in everything he says is the respect and love he has for teaching. Among the wide range of topics we discuss are the following:

  • Who he writes for when he writes about education
  • Speaking and thinking about education in an educational way
  • How philosophy can inform the practice of teachers
  • Designing and teaching a module on philosophy for future teachers
  • The importance of asking good questions
  • The relevance of Kierkegaard and “Double truth giving” in teaching
  • Teaching for the possibility of being taught
  • John Dewey’s critique of the modern scientific world view
  • PE teachers who had a significant impact on him
  • Why schools should surprise
  • What inspires him

The book he is currently reading is in German and it is Allgemeine Pädagogik by Dietrich Benner. He also referred to the work of Homer Lane, whose most famous book is Talks to Parents and Teachers. He also referred to the book, Beyond the Present and the Particular by Charles H. Bailey.

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