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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.

On this week's programme I speak to one of the pre-eminent developmental psychologists of the twentieth century who continues publishing books and articles up to the present day. Professor Jerome Kagan of Harvard University has conducted research into infants' temperaments and how they are related to personality in later life. He is interested in how psychology can inform teachers' work. Among the topics we discuss in this part of the interview are:

  • The relationship between temperament and personality
  • How knowing about temperament helps teachers
  • Children who find it harder to work in groups
  • Insights the discipline of psychology offers to teachers
    • Auditory and visual acuity
    • Short-term, recall and episodic memory
    • Ability to Infer
    • Deduction
  • Questions he’d like educational psychologists to answer
  • What teachers need to know about human emotions
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