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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.

On this week's programme my guest is Dr. Alf Coles from the University of Bristol School of Education. Among the topics discussed are:


  • What teachers learn from using video
  • Responding to video through description versus judgment
  • Using video clubs for teacher professional development
  • The centre for researching education across boundaries
  • Who was Caleb Gattegno
  • What is the Silent Way of learning a language
  • What is an energy budget for learning?
  • Four stages of awareness
  • Inventing the geoboard
  • Book, What we owe children by Caleb Gattegno
  • How he became a teacher educator
  • How he balances his teaching and research work
  • How he practices teacher education
  • Greg Simon’s blog: https://gregsimonmusic.com/blog/
  • Gregory Bateson: https://mri.org/gregory-bateson/
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