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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney


On this week's programme I speak to my colleague in the Marino Institute of Education, Dr. Gerry O'Connell about religious education. Gerry is a primary teacher and a teacher educator with vast experience and his ideas are grounded in this experience and in his scholarly work in the field. Among the topics discussed this week are the following:

  • The difference between teaching religion and religious education
  • The importance of starting with the students’ experiences
  • The challenges of working with diverse student experiences
  • The teaching methodology “Godly Play”
  • Social media as a force of oppression
  • Why contemplative space, depth of conversation or wonder and symbol or story are central to religious education
  • Whether sacraments should be taught in school or in parishes
  • What makes a teacher?
  • Teaching as a vocation
  • A perceived secularist agenda in some media organisations
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