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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney

On this week's programme I bring you the second part of my interview with Dr. Marco Snoek from the Netherlands about teacher education. In this part of our discussion we talk about 

  • Boundary crossing between school and university.
  • Boundary crossing between principal and teachers within a school
  • Competence-based teacher education
  • The three goals of qualification, socialisation and subjectification in education as articulated by Gert Biesta: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/people/gert-biesta and http://www.gertbiesta.com/.
  • Practice in teacher education – referring to the work of Pam Grossman
  • Teacher supply and the status of teaching
  • What inspires him

I also bring you a clip from my recent interview with Professor Pam Grossman, which I could not fit into that programme. Finally, I bring you a clip from David Berliner where he talks about self esteem and education. Again, I was unable to fit this into interview 1 or interview 2 with David Berliner that were broadcast in 2016.

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