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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney

This is the second part of the programme of excerpts from Inside Education programmes that were broadcast in 2009. The first part is available in a separate podcast. In this part of the programme you can hear clips from the following programmes -

6 Peter Afflerbach on difficulties children have in learning to read (from Programmes 12 and 13)

7 Paddy Madden on how to make children passionate about the environment and on the benefits of a school garden (from Programmes 22 and 23)

8 Barry's news selection. Each week on the programme Barry Hennessy presents a roundup of education news for the week. When I asked him to select two pieces from the year he selected pieces from Programme 12 and Programme 17

9 Jim Cummins discusses how having children from different countries in a class can be an educational resource (from Programmes 15 and 16)

10 Home Education is discussed by two parents Dan Arnold from Cork and Gwen Peters from Dublin via Minnesota and Gwen's son Dannen. Emer Farrell from the National Education Welfare Board also features in this extract from Programme 21.

11 Brian Boyd discusses what children need to learn in school (from Programme 24).

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