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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.

On this week's programme I'm delighted to speak to Professor Kathy Hall from University College Cork. In a wide-ranging discussion about teaching, teacher education, research and policy, the topics raised include the following:

  • Becoming a primary teacher in Carysfort College
  • Doing a Bachelor in Arts degree in University College Dublin, with many other primary teachers, followed by a H.Dip
  • Returning to Carysfort to do a postgraduate diploma course in special educational needs
  • Starting a Masters degree in Trinity College, transferring to complete and PhD and becoming a teacher educator in Christchurch Canterbury College
  • Moving to Leeds Metropolitan University and subsequently to the Open University and two years later to University College Cork
  • Her doctoral dissertation on the topic of discovery learning and first language learning
  • Her book, Listening to Stephen Read and its implications for teaching reading
  • Why some children leave school with limited literacy
  • The relationship between policy and teaching literacy
  • How the market influences education in Ireland
  • Assessing student teachers’ preparedness to teach literacy
  • Summative and formative Assessment – Black and William Important Review on Formative Assessment
  • Can anyone teach?
  • The relationship between skills, practice and reflection in teaching
  • School and University roles in teacher education
  • The unifying theme across all her research
  • Discourse analysis as a research method and what you can learn about classrooms from using this method. In this framework she refers to the IRF – initiation, response and feedback – pattern of classroom interaction.
  • Doctoral research topics
  • How different opportunities to learn can exist within the same classroom
  • Problems with competitive classrooms
  • Advice she would give the Minister for Education
  • Etienne Wenger Communities of Practice book
  • Tara Westover Educated
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