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Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.

On this week's podcast I interview Finbarr Hurley about his experience teaching in some European Schools and about his thoughts on leadership. He is currently working as a Coordinator with the Centre for School Leadership. Among the topics we discuss on the podcast are the following:

  • Wanting to teach from a young age
  • His experience in Mary Immaculate College
  • Proving yourself as a teacher when you begin in a school
  • The importance of changing career post every 5-6 years
  • The importance of figuring out what makes children tick
  • Teaching in Cork and Teaching in Brussels
  • Designing a classroom of the future
  • A synopsis of the European Schools system
  • Learning from working alongside teachers from other countries
  • Moving to an International School in Qatar
  • Working with teaching coaches
  • Involving children in parent-teacher meetings
  • Teaching without textbooks
  • Bringing members of a circus in to work with his students in Germany
  • Identifying what is valued in a school, across the school community
  • Challenges of being a principal in Ireland
  • Providing continuous professional development (CPD) for principals and principals’ needs for CPD
  • Why it’s okay for principals to fail (the first attempt at learning)
  • One of his own principals
  • Simon Senek (Be the last to speak)
  • Andy Hargreaves
  • Book: Wholesome Leadership
  • Luke Jefferson Day, editor of GQ Magazine in London.
  • Simone Marchetti – creativity outside of education
  • The value of sofas in classsrooms
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