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Guests (A - I)

Here is a list of all guests (with surnames from A to I) who have featured on Inside Education since the programme began in July 2009. It should prove to be a useful way to check back on previous programmes. If you click on the person's name, you'll be taken immediately to the programme(s) on which they featured.

Thank you to all guests who have appeared on the programme to date. Sine qua non.

Peter Afflerbach
Peter Afflerbach 2
Brian Allen
Mags Amond
Paul Andrews
Alan Armitage
Dan Arnold
Inez Bailey
Richard Bailey
Marita McMahon Ball
Deborah Ball
Deborah Ball 2
Stephen Ball
Tom Barrett
Ciarán Bauer
Greg Bauer
David Begg
Mary Jo Bell
Alan Bennett
Mark Berends
David C Berliner
David C Berliner 2
David C Berliner 3
Josephine Bleach
Jo Boaler
Jo Boaler 2
Janette Bobis
Janette Bobis 2
Mary Bohan
Tom Boland
Fred Boss
Claire Bourgeois
Marie Bourke
Marie Bourke 2
Pamela Bowell
Brian Boyd
John Boyle
Peter Brabazon
Damien Bracken
Derek Breen
Derek Breen 2
Ciara Brennan
Ciara Brennan 2
John Brennan
John Brennan 2
Mark Brown
Vincent Browne
Noel Buckley
Andy Burke
Mary Burke
Gretchen Butera
Gareth Byrne
Gillian Byrne
Mark Candon
Séamus Cannon
Séamus Cannon 2
John Carr
John Carr 2
Christopher Carragher
Lee Cassidy
Mary Chambers
Ciara Chaney
Margaret M. Clark
Margaret M. Clark 2
Doug Clements
Aidan Clerkin
Aidan Clerkin 2
Eric Clinton
Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Marilyn Cochran-Smith 2
David Collison
Seán Comerford
Frank Conway
Harry Conway
John Coolahan
John Coolahan 2
Helen Corbett
Katie Corbett
Caitriona Cosgrave
Caitriona Cosgrave 2
Caitriona Cosgrave 3
Judith Cosgrove
Judith Cosgrove 2
Judith Cosgrove 3
Mary Coughlan
Catherine Cronin
Brendan Culligan
Brendan Culligan 2
Jim Cummins
Jim Cummins 2
Conor Cunniffe
John Cunningham
Lisa Curran
Joe Dale
Christian Dallavis
Steven Daly
Gordon D'Arcy
Thomas S Dee
Thomas S Dee 2
Lisa Delpit
Lorraine Dempsey
Diarmaid de Paor
Diarmaid de Paor 2
Anne Dolan
Annette Dolan
Annette Dolan 2
Annette Dolan 3
Annette Dolan 4
Annette Dolan 5
Annette Dolan 6
James Dolan
Sheila Donegan
Tony Donohoe
Tony Donohoe 2
Tony Donohoe 3
Thérèse Dooley
Erika Doyle
Erika Doyle 2
John Doyle
John Doyle 2
Maria Doyle
Marianne Doyle
Orla Doyle
Robert Doyle
Walter Doyle
Walter Doyle 2
Sylvia Draper
Michelle Dunne
Victoria Durrer
Eemer Eivers
Eemer Eivers 2
Mick Evans
Rob Evans
Rob Evans 2
Emer Farrell
Audrey Farrelly
Audrey Farrelly 2
Niamh Farren
Patrick Felicia
Jim Ferguson
Pip Bruce Ferguson
Pip Bruce Ferguson 2
Siobhán Keenan Fitzgerald
Siobhán Keenan Fitzgerald 2
Siobhán Keenan Fitzgerald 3
Gabriel Fitzmaurice
Gabriel Fitzmaurice 2
Gabriel Fitzmaurice 3
Marva Fitzpatrick
Tony Finn
Tony Finn 2
Tanya Flanagan
Michael Flannery
Brian Fleming
Larry Fleming
Larry Fleming 2
Mary Fleming
Noreen Flynn
Joseph Fogarty
Anna Forde
Michael Fullan
Frank Furedi
Frank Furedi 2
Antoinette Gagné
Caitlin Galvin
Conor Galvin
Martina Gannon
Tim Geraghty
Gail Gilbert
Allen Gilhooly
Lorraine Gilleece
Michael Gillespie
Catherine Gilliland
Joanne Gilmartin
Michael Gleeson
Michael Gleeson 2
Brian Glennon
Pat Goff
Pat Goff 2
Pat Goff 3
Paul Gogarty
Bernie Goldbach
Kevin Graziano
Matthew Grenby
Niamh Grogan
Pam Grossman
Pam Grossman 2
Pam Grossman 3
Brendan Guilfoyle
Neil Hallinan
Eric Hanushek
Andy Hargreaves
Colm Harmon
Clodagh Harris
John Harris
Gillian Harty
Seán Haughey
Brian Hayes
Brian Hayes 2
Michelle Healy
Paddy Healy
Séamus Heaney
Mark Patrick Hederman
Mark Patrick Hederman 2
Ann Heelan
John Heffernan
Manuela Heinz
Caroline Higgins
Yvonne Higgins
Annette Honan
Annette Honan 2
Thomas Horvath
Jean Hughes
Richard Hughes
Steve Humble
Lucy Hunt
Tim Hurley
Áine Hyland
Áine Hyland 2
Georgeta Ion