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On this week's programme I speak to Paddy Madden about teaching and learning outdoors. Among the topics we discuss are:

  • How weather engages the senses when we learn outdoors
  • Benefits of teaching outdoors
  • Forest bathing
  • Noticing Nature
  • Cloud watching, listening to the sound of birds, smelling flowers.
  • Daily 15-minute walkabout
  • Teaching outdoors across the curriculum
  • Book: Sue Waite Children Learning Outside the classroom
  • A silly symphony
  • Preparing for outdoor learning
  • Learning outcomes
  • Ways of Knowing by John Quinn
  • A spiral curriculum – revisiting topics at a more complex level
  • Teaching outdoors in September
    • What to do when a wasp enters your classroom
    • Spiders
    • Planting a square metre of wheat
  • Integration across the curriculum using topic of wheat
  • Painting – called The Gleaners (I mistakenly called it “The Garners” in the recording)
  • Places to visit at this time of year
  • Fruit and seed walk: Dry fruit (e.g. helicopters, nuts) and succulent fruit (blackberries, rowan berries, sloes)
  • How school grounds can sometimes be barren
  • Paddy’s vision of ideal school grounds
  • Creating raised beds in a school grounds
  • Furniture for outdoors learning
  • Making a pond safe for a school setting
  • Making clipboards from recycled corroboard
  • How to position a bird box correctly
  • The value of a compass in school for showing directions
  • Why he dislikes terms such as a “bug hotel” or a “bug viewer”
  • Working outdoors in an urban environment
  • Using window boxes to grow food
  • Using binoculars with early finishers
  • The “Engage with Nature” website
  • Nature as a stage
  • The value of unstructured play
  • Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv
  • John Feehan’s books
  • Richard Louv: "The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need."
  • Sacha Hamilton, the Duchess of Abercorn and activities of the Pushkin Trust
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